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Techedge works with clients to develop integrated performance programs and rewards strategies which support business goals and retention efforts. Our intimate knowledge of the hi-tech environment allows companies to achieve a competitive edge, by optimizing compensation budgets, while focusing and motivating staff towards key business priorities.



We provide a broad range of services to complement or supplement your HR resources. Our portfolio ranges from phone advice to in-depth program development in such disciplines as Sales Compensation or Performance Management. We can also assist you in your HRIS, processes and policy development. We can provide anything from simple advice to the completed product!



Together, we contribute more than 25 years of Human Resources experience to meet our clients' business needs. Our extensive experience with Nortel Networks, Newbridge Networks Corporation (now Alcatel), Mitel Corporation, and our various consulting clients, provide us with valuable insight to the challenges faced by our Hi-Tech clients.

Techedge provides critical research, data, and specialized consulting services to a variety of hi-tech companies from early start-ups to large multi-national companies. Techedge works with clients to develop integrated performance programs and rewards strategies which support business goals and retention efforts. Our intimate knowledge of the hi-tech environment allows companies to achieve a competitive edge, by optimizing compensation budgets, while focusing and motivating staff towards key business priorities.


Participates as an equal member of the Executive Management team to establish long term corporate strategic plans and objectives. Ensures objectives and tactics within area of responsibility align with, and support the overall business strategy. Inappropriate decisions will have long term, strategic impact on the overall success of company operations. Interactions usually involve controversial situations, influencing or negotiating with other senior executives, customers, and/or investors.

How Compensation Surveys Add Value

Credible compensation surveys are valuable in any economic environment as they provide statistical insight into the markets in which you compete for skills. A thorough analysis of your skills market will allow you to maximize the ROI of your compensation programs. Such market intelligence can protect the company from paying either too little or too much for skills, which is important in any industry!

In tough times, salary surveys help you understand your strengths and potential exposures, to prepare for when the market improves. Retention remains an issue, because people can be "lost" through reduced productivity, which generally stems from a lack of motivation and commitment. Surveys can help justify and communicate difficult business decisions and create a sense of fairness. This encourages the motivation of your staff, as they will have comfort in the diligence being awarded to compensation decisions, and are more likely to actively support the organization.

More obviously, in a strong economy, surveys can help a company benchmark themselves against their desired compensation position within their relevant skills market, ensuring their ability to attract and retain key staff. Regular market analysis provides employees a stronger sense of confidence in the company's compensation decisions.

Small Business Lending And Subprime Auto Loans

Some thing sounds too familiar when I read private- companies have recovered their desire for investments made up of auto loans due to the income and minimal danger cars may be easily reclaimed and resold. In the face of this desire, more lenders began making loans to would be car customers with low credit scores, charging them double digit interest.

Like Douglas, I'm concerned that Walls Street's appetite for profits has lenders placing subprime borrowers in to auto loans they really can't manage. It doesn't take much to make a connection before the bottom fell out of the home loan business to that which was was occurring. Does it sound right to produce car loans to people who really can't manage them, although an increase in auto loan foreclosures, given won't do the exact same thing to the market the home loan crisis did? Isn't the long-term financial effect of that on the market a damaging?

I know it's not technically the banker's employment to make sure the borrower is intelligent enough to know whether she or he can actually pay the new auto. In reality, when a new automobile purchaser is sitting across the table in the finance guy (or gal) in the auto dealer, the purchaser isn't really actually talking to a banker it's some one using a vested interest in assisting the sales person get still another new car sold. Certainly, the finance individual in the dealership is looking for every chance to say , to the new car loan whether it's great for the purchaser.

With the advent of the internet, transactions are done much faster. New Car Canada iis the fastest online auto financing company in Canada. Get approved for car loans Canada with 24 hours even with terrible credit. Financing a car with bad credit is fast and cheap with New Car Canada

Connection to small business lending

Obtaining money is a major challenge for small business owners. It's an even bigger challenge for small business proprietors who have less-than-perfect credit. Although there are more choices available now than ever before to locate money to fuel company growth and make jobs, the price tag of some mortgage products has to be fully understood before a business owner signs on the dotted line. Maybe not every small business owner can afford the price tag of some of the funding.

Nevertheless, expensive doesn't always imply bad. Periodically the expense might actually be worthwhile. It can mean the business operator must learn what they're performing and what they're engaging in. Here are until they leap with both toes in to such a funding three considerations every small business owner should be.

Have you any idea how you're heading to utilize the the main city? Despite everything you may think, that is perhaps not a question that is ridiculous. I can't depend the amount of instances I've spoken to a small business borrower who can't say what he or she intends to do with the loan proceeds they're asking for. The majority of the capital accessible through low-banking, alternative lenders, is developed to deal with short term wants and shouldn't be regarded a long-term remedy for cash flow or funding increase (a T least that's my view). As an example, some time ago a small business owner who had just gained a reasonably large contract in the federal government and desired funds to ramp up and I spoke. He was searching for a shortterm loan to get his firm through the very first 60 days to accommodate the authorities's pay routine.

He was refused at his local bank, but Lendio could join him with a choice lender willing to provide him a shortterm mortgage to get within the hurdle of ramping up employees and equipment. Spending the premium proved to be a smart choice because he would have otherwise perhaps not had the opportunity to service the contract because he could gain access to the capital quickly.

Will the additional money possess an optimistic impact on the organization? My father believed if funds that is borrowed wasn't heading to have a favorable effect on the company and wasn't employed to facilitate a vital business require, he didn't borrow. If it wasn't crucial to the base line, he might do without until he can commit nest eggs or either cash flow.

I'm amazed at how many folks when asked , significantly are you looking for, respond with , How significantly can I get. It's like leaving with a completely new Corvette and entering the car dealer seeking a used Chevy sedan. The weight associated with borrowed richesse is significant enough a tiny business owner should likely be thinking more concerning the lowest loan number which will realize the object in other phrases, being happy together with the car that is utilized.

Any CPA or accountant must have the ability to clarify in depth (s O you're able to comprehend it) what the reviews are telling you. When they are reluctant to spend some time to make sure you understand or can't, you might have the wrong man.

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